"Students' learning depends on every teacher learning all the time..." Debbie Diller

Purpose: To develop classroom presentations utilizing Smart Notebook & Envision Math to effectively implement lessons.

Getting Started

  • The first step is to become familiar with smart notebook software. Smart boards are more than just glorified whiteboards. They are a tool that provides opportunities for interaction & engagement. If you are not familiar with the software, please take a few minutes to go through this smart document.

  • Next you'll need access to your Envision Math online resources. To do this you'll need your user name and password for www.pearsonsuccessnet.com . We will be utilizing the area capture tool from smart notebook with your online student and teacher editions. Another great resource we'll use is www.exchange.smarttech.com . This is a free online learning community that requires registration.
  • Let's get started!

Simple Sample, area captures & objective:

Model utilizing smart notebook interactive elements:

Sample using smart notebook tools:

Modeling of www.exchange.smarttech.com resources:

Examples of Grade Level Lesson Presentations:

Kindergarten Lesson 16.7

First Grade Lesson 13.2

Second Grade Lesson 9-5

Third Grade Lesson 16.3

Fourth Grade Lesson 14.2

Fifth Grade Lesson 13.2


Remember to start simple and add complexity later. Everything we do, we do better with practice. Change the format of your presentations to fit your style, schedule, and personal pedagogy.

"A teacher is a faciliator and tour guide of the world through text..."

Carol Varsalona